Friday, 23 March 2018

Pot Pourri

It's time for one of my two yearly updates. Firstly I wrote a play. It's called Boo Hoo. It's sad and funny. I know this because people cried and laughed. I'm terrifically proud of it. Anyway that went well and now Fifty Fathoms have optioned it and I'm developing it for TV. There's two years of hard work wrapped up in six sentences.

In more immediate news, next week I'm compering myth off. YES. You heard me. A night of competitive story telling where the fiercest, feistiest, not-lying-down-and-taking itest mythical women will walk the stage. The audience choose the winning woman. I'm a little bit terrified.If you're brave enough prove it. You can find out all about it here

And then there's another thing which requires a passport and I'm not talking about in order not to jinx it.

See you in 2020.