Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Quick, whilst I've worked out how to do this...

They've changed how works. I've found how to do this update by magic and there's no knowing if I'll ever get back on here again. So, whilst I'm here..... I just found this review of the play High Vis I performed last year. Written by Clara Brennan and directed by Hannah Price it was one of my favourite things I've ever done ever.  I've never seen any reviews of it before so I'm posting the link (then at least I'll know where to find it if I need it again). I'm not tech savvy but I've really sussed filing. The Stage review of High Vis

Filming SPY was tremendous fun and I got to dress as a copper on the old set of The Bill. I now have a picture of me outside Sunhill. Cue bogus credit appearing on my CV some day soon.

And I'm doing Scene and Heard again. A brilliant charity based in Euston working with kids in the area, I'll be acting in what will certainly be a terrific play - they always are. Last time I was a Prit-stick so the bar is set pretty high.