Thursday, 24 November 2011

And a third....

More glamourous travel, this time to Cardiff where I've been recording Gulliver's Travels for BBC Radio 4. I play Queen Lilliput and the Empress of Blefuscu, both tiny people. It was a really technical recording to get the sense of my tinyness and Gulliver's bigness. FYI my technique was to shout at the ceiling. It's on the radio in February. The script is lovely. I'm going to listen, you should listen too.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Two things in the same week like always.

Two things. I'm performing a rehearsed reading of a piece of new writing, 'Anna's Eyes' which is being directed by Jen Lunn. It's on 29th November at The Brockley Jack. And then I'm also performing in the next set of Scene and Heard plays at the end of November. Scene and Heard is a terrific charity so I'm really properly delighted to be involved with them.

Monday, 11 July 2011


I'm performing High Vis - a brilliant monologue by Clara Brennan written for Theatre Uncut and directed by Hannah Price. It's on as part of the Theatre Uncut plays at Latitude on 16 July.


I'm in Bombshells in Henley 18-23 July. Bombshells are a set of brilliant monologues by Joanna Murray-Smith and I'm performing two of them. Yay!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Latest News......

By stalking Jack Dee's twitter feed, I now feel informed enough to confirm that series 4 of LEAD BALLOON will start on BBC2 in May. I'm in Ep 6. 

I'm gigging at The Leicester Square Theatre on Sunday 13 March as part of a celebration of 100 years of International Women's Day.

I'm filming a lovely little promo for Comic Relief talking about 'Chat For Change'. They filmed me in my flat telling a joke. Or rather, as my flat resembled the inside of a skip (I was having a new kitchen put in. It's very nice thanks), I filmed it in my neighbour Kirstie's flat. But I didn't talk to her because people in London don't talk to their neighbours. Fact.

I've got ever so slightly organised and added a gig list to this website. I've got quite a few gigs coming up in the Spring as I develop material for my solo show. 

I'm performing a rehearsed reading at The Soho Theatre as part of a New Writing night on 22 December. The play is called 'In a very real sense' by Tim Luscombe and directed by Hannah Price.

I'm filming for BBC 2's Lead Balloon with Jack Dee. I shall be being a journalist.

Alys and I are performing at Spank on 3rd December. Because it's one of the warmest friendliest nights on the circuit and because it's Christmas. Lowdown at The Albany. 8.30ish.

I've been commissioned to write for a new BBC Radio 4 sketch show, The Lucy Montgomery Variety Pack. I'm slightly guessing but I think it goes out on 24th November at 6.30 on Radio 4

I'm writing my first solo show. In a bid to actually write it and not just talk it, I'm performing half an hour of 'work in progress' at The Etcetera Theatre, 21 November. 8.30pm. It's billed as Faultless versus Torrance as the delightful Doctor Miss Alys Torrance will being trying out half an hour of her material too. Nice eh?

For those of you who listen to commercial radio - what's it like? Oh and listen out for the PayPal adverts. I'm the voice of Flora.